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May 26, 2011

I heart Minnesota

Yes!  I am a big Minnesota-promoter (mostly the Twin Cities, and really mostly Minneapolis, but there is LOTS to love about the North Star State!).  And what better way to advertise my devotion than a beautiful necklace by truche??  Casual necklace + sentimental image = love.

May 24, 2011


It is not original to love Tina Fey.  It does not set you apart to be a 20 (or 30!) -something woman who finds Ms. Fey to be hilarious and wry, crass yet sophisticated, attractive but not shallow.  And so it will not tell you much about me when I say that I am dying to own my very own copy of Bossypants.  And it is likewise unoriginal to say that I identify with Tina Fey, that I worry about some of the same things (in the workplace, in my personal future) that she comments on, that I think of her as a role model and a person who speaks the truth and an important figure in our society.  Maybe that sounds a little grandiose (Ms. Fey would probably think so), but it’s true.

May 17, 2011


Despite the fact that I cook often, I keep my cookbook collection to a minimum.  Although I love to flip through cookbooks, I only do so with those that I’m likely to really use.  I read and browse for inspiration, not just as an escape.  And with the wonderful food blogs that exist today, I can easily find recipes for (almost) everything from a trusted source.  Therefore, a book has to have a lot going for it to be a desirable item.  These few books fit the bill, and I would love to have any of them on my shelf!

Perfect One-Dish Dinners by Pam Anderson (not that one, this one doesn’t wear a swimsuit 24/7).  Pam Anderson is among the most trusted cookbook authors, and I feel sure that this book would get a lot of use in my kitchen.  I love one-dish meals (who doesn’t??).

Not Your Mother’s Casseroles by Faith Durand.  Similar to Pam’s book in that it focuses on one-dish meals.  Several recipes have been featured around the web, and they look innovative (often lighter than the originals) and fun.

Best Light Recipe and New Best Recipe by Cooks Illustrated.  Yes, I need both.  Yes.  They are amazing.  I already have the 30-Minute book, and it’s totally great, but I need these two classic doorstops to complete my collection (and my life).

May 12, 2011

The Date People

Food-by-mail companies are a fascination of mine!  I blame my paternal grandparents, who years ago started sending us an annual “Tower of Treats” from Harry & David.  The H&D pears are still the best you can get as far as I’m concerned.

This site, The Date People, sells (drumroll, please) dates.  But not just the typical medjools!  They have crazy varieties.  I would definitely get a sample pack, because how could you pick just one?  I don’t think I could commit to 15 pounds, at least not at first, but 5lb sounds reasonable (err, your definition of “reasonable” may vary…).  I’ve read online that the people at the company can recommend certain varieties that are in season or especially tasty if you give them a call.

May 12, 2011


Collecting errata from the web and my mind.