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November 21, 2012

Paleo Thanksgiving 2012

On Sunday I cooked up a paleo feast for M and I!  We had these items:

Roasted turkey breast — I stuffed some sauteed leeks and carrots between the skin and meat, then just roasted for about 1hr and 45mins.  Very moist!

Paleo gravy via Nom Nom Paleo

Beet and apple salad — based on a Serious Eats recipe, but essentially just roasted beets cut up into cubes (I used both golden and regular beets) mixed with diced apples and tossed with a mustard-y vinaigrette.

Cranberry sauce from the Whole9

Sweet potatoes via Serious Eats

Stuffing from PaleOMG — to be honest, this was a letdown.  Nothing to do with the recipe itself, but stuffing is a really hard thing to replicate.  The texture of the bread in there is….really not approximated by mushrooms and other veggies.  I think in the future I will just not bother making a stuffing substitute.  It’s better to just have a small portion of the real stuff.

Of course, we also needed a seasonal cocktail (it was okay, next time I’ll go with something cranberry-based).  Finally, there were two treats, some lovely cookies and some AMAZING caramels.  Seriously, those caramels…..with the salt and the cider, yuuuuuum.


Today we’re heading out to see M’s family for what will likely be a minimally-paleo couple of days.  I’ll be juggling several goals (1. Don’t insult our lovely hosts 2. Don’t deprive myself of anything truly wonderful (see also: stuffing, caramels) 3. Eat what makes me feel best).  Happy Thanksgiving!