Eats 7-16-12 (plus weekend)

Ugh.  I had icebox cake (from Smitten Kitchen) AND ice cream cake (not even very good, it was store-bought) AND many drinks this weekend.  By Sunday morning I was feeling gross and VERY ready to get back on the paleo bandwagon.

Yesterday B: 3 egg omlet, 1 c cherries, coffee with 1 T pastured cream.

Yesterday L: leftover Thai food (chicken gra pow and a slice of flank steak — some sugar in here), some baby carrots and snap peas.

Yesterday D: Lettuce-wrapped citrus carnitas (from Well Fed) with avocado, side of yogurt-mint cucumber salad.

Dessert: a couple of cherries.


B: 3 egg frittata with mushrooms and bacon, iced coffee w 1 T pastured cream.

Snack: 1 T coconut butter.

L: Moroccan meatballs (from Well Fed) made with pastured lamb, cold carrot salad and cold eggplant salad.

D: “Shephard’s Pie” (from Well Fed) using cauliflower puree as crust, pastured lamb filling.

Dessert: cherries and coconut milk.


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