Eats 3-11-13

B: Liver and blueberries, via The Primalist.  Yeah, I went there.  M HATES that I eat liver (we have a pretty intellectually interesting disagreement on this point, which I should probably explore in another post, but suffice it to say he is not in favor of eating unpalatable foods purely due to their nutritional content).  Nonetheless, I have been eating meatballs with liver in them for breakfast once per week for awhile, and have no plans to stop.  And yeah, the liver and blueberries worked surprisingly well.  I think it was definitely made easier by the fact that I’ve been consuming liver in more “masked” forms for several weeks, so the flavor of straight liver is less offensive to me now.  I still prefer the meatballs overall, but this was good in a pinch*.

L: Pineapple red curry with chicken via Zenbelly, served over cauliflower rice.  Didn’t bring enough food, so supplemented with some Tanka Bites and a few macadamia nuts.  The curry is nice but I definitely need to add more than 1T of my weaksauce curry paste next time — not enough spice!

D: Leftover lamb burger with tzatziki sauce, roasted broccoli, and half an avocado.  Plus a few strips of dried mango and 1/2T coconut butter.



*The “pinch” was I got a HUGE grassfed liver from my friendly local farmer, and it was too much to fit into my standard batch of meatballs without seriously compromising the texture.  So I did my usual liver meatballs (1/3 pureed liver to 2/3 pastured pork, along with some other strong flavors), and used about 3 oz of sliced liver for my breakfast.


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